Rhys Lewis – Seasons

Oxford singer- songwriter Rhys Lewis has released his new song “Seasons”. Inherited from his old musical style and genre, “Seasons” has a tender touch of mysticism and an ineffable sadness that is exclusive to the singer itself, with the whole song painted in old-fashioned colour and slight melancholy.

It’s clear that Rhys Lewis’s music consists of influences from genres of both blues and soul, which transform both Lewis’ songwriting and melancholic melodies. Beth Dean, featuring in Rhys Lewis’ release “Wish I Was Sober” said that “…similar to the content of his past release, [his music] contains very personal lyrics.” Simultaneously, in “Seasons”, the singer is telling an old but personal story, sang in a gentle tone, setting a peaceful mood that resonates with his listeners, which everybody can reverberate according to their personal stories.

Lewis’ lyrics are sang with elegance and softness, dragging us into his melancholic and mysterious world, presenting his fans with vivid songwriting such as:

“Blinded by the rain, it’s hard to picture

The day that you’ll see blossom on the ground

And soon they’ll be light in the shadows”

“Seasons”, can have multiple interpretations according the personal narrative of the listener. In a recent interview, Rhys Lewis mentioned his worries that the songwriting was too personal for his audience, but it is such personal feelings that can arouse different sentiments and emotions among his listeners, allowing Lewis to fully connect with his audience. For us, “Seasons” triggers the softness in our hearts, and is a great example of adept and introspective songwriting that allows its listeners to fully appreciate the elegance and beauty of his newest single.

Words: Na Hu

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