Royal Blood – Boilermaker

Since rising to fame in 2011, Royal Blood have proven that a five-piece band is ultimately better; and louder, than their original duo. This has been confirmed in many of arena-filling tracks and definitely apparent in the recently released single ‘Boilermaker’, from their latest record ‘Typhoons’ (released 30th April 2021). 

The release of ‘Boilermaker’ was long anticipated for fans after first being introduced to the track in live shows, appearing in high profile sets such as Reading and Leeds Festival since 2019. A crowd pleaser, it did not take long for the track to become a staple for Royal Blood live shows. While fans patiently waited for the release of the studio version they were teased with three tracks off the latest record before the long-awaited studio release of ‘Boilermaker’. Was it worth the two years wait? Absolutely. 

Royal Blood have maintained many friendships in the rock community after touring with many of the greats from the genre, one of these friendships being with the front man of Queens of The Stone Age, Josh Homme. The record was produced and recorded by Josh Homme in his LA studio Pink Duck. Listening to the track, it is easy to hear the influence of early Queens of The Stone Age tracks. ‘Song For The Dead’ is clearly present in the opening riffs of Boilermaker.

Two greats working together make for a track which, after the first listen, has you reaching for the repeat button. The song is a reminder of everything that make Royal Blood great, distorted bass riffs mimicking those of two heavy guitars and the ear shuddering pound of drums. Sounding effortless together yet still managing an individual expression of each instrument in their own sections of the track; no one is left behind. The track may seem more over produced than what we have previously heard from them, but this definitely isn’t a bad thing – it proves they can go in different directions and do not need to simply replicate their sound, but can improve and take it further. 

Bring on the live performance of ‘Boilermaker’ on their upcoming tour in 2022. I am sure we will all be mosh-pit ready by then…

Words: Ciara Sinnot

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