Rum Jungle – Simple Things

Aussie four-piece Rum Jungle have returned with their first release of 2021, and it comes in the form of a short and sweet EP, Simple Things.

The newest addition to their discography sees the band go down a slower, more relaxing road with both ‘Simple Things’ and ‘Sure Fire’ being two beautiful acoustic compositions. The quartet are no stranger to showing their softer side but do so here with soothing vocals and steady melodies that make you want to put your feet up, sit back and soak up every ounce.

These seven minutes of spring are some of the finest produced by Rum Jungle yet and show their lyrical maturity is ever-growing. The two tracks are polished and thoughtful; showing an ability and ease to produce music for every playlist whatever the mood.

Simple Things certainly seems to be gone in a flash, but ultimately ensures the listener is left wanting more; that they are as ready as ever for whatever the band have round the corner. With the title track being twice the length of the one that follows, it perhaps rings true of the message within the music. A compact listen that consists of only guitar and lead vocals, the lyrics describe a quiet, tranquil setting throughout and how you should “take pleasure in the simple things in life”.

‘Sure Fire’ sounds almost demo-like, in which there is a beauty to its grit, as if it is ‘straight from the heart’. The tune somehow manages to mix both the joy and sadness of a relationship, whether that be through a calming tempo or pacifying vocals, either way there is a need to appreciate the perfection of a composition such as this.

Rum Jungle’s newest EP is the ideal companion to a peaceful day in the sunshine and is a true reflection of their underappreciated talent. Their newest direction is testimony that the band are free to go down whichever avenue their music takes them and succeed.

Words: Lauren Whitehead

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