Saint Raymond – Soft Landing EP

‘Soft Landing’ is the new EP by Saint Raymond, also known as Callum Burrows, the beautifully charming singer-songwriters’ sound is a true delight. Much like his last album release ‘Young Blood’, the 2021 EP orchestrates a real feeling of tranquility, and creates that same warmth in your belly that comes from reading the likes of Wordsworth’s ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ – full of bewitching grace and lovely lyricism.

Each song in the EP mirrors the likes of an adolescent diary, with each word mimicking that image of innocence and fresh heartbreak. Each song feels almost too personal for other ears to hear, yet too beautiful for us as listeners and admirers to miss out. Saint Raymond enlightens us through his refreshing and real lyricism, about the idea of love and how raw it can feel. The idea of being in love has people sitting on a spectrum, either in complete bliss or complete vulnerability; and this lovely little collection of tunes covers that very spectrum.

The E.P harnesses an emotionally raw presence, giving their audience a real scope and resonation into the effects of that first love feeling. The songs paint a melancholic picture of teenage love and its demise. Listening to the likes of ‘Solid Gold’, it triggers memories you didn’t realise you had, like when you were 15 and you had your heart broken for the first time. However, the very beauty of this E.P makes that glimpse of your past fill you with content and ease; one to resonate with and look back at fondly, rather than to mourn and engulf yourself with sadness.

It is a happy, ‘heart in the clouds’ E.P, with handsome sounds and a rich dynamic of innocence. A true pleasure and delight to listen to. Warm, emotional, charming, and enchanting; we couldn’t recommend it enough..

Words: Rae Bradford

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