Sam Ryder – Tiny Riot

Sam Ryder is here and he is here to riot! The British recording artist has just released his latest single ‘Tiny Riot’ in collaboration with Parlophone Records and Elektra Records. The song was written by pop powerhouses Max Wolfang and Amy Wadge known for their work with the likes of Ed Sheran and Kylie Minogue.

If you’re familiar with any of Ryder’s previous work, you’ll know his first single ‘Whirlwind’, released in February this year. Ryder is now back for round 2, with what he himself describes as ‘a dramatic tour de force’ – which is no word of a lie. The vocal range on display within ‘Tiny Riot’ is nothing short of spectacular, as we see Ryder truly cementing himself as one of the big names to watch in the industry.

Some of you may also know Ryder from the popular social media app Tik Tok on which he was crowned the most popular artist in the UK in the year 2020, with an impressive following of 10 Million subscribers. Recently performing for an audience of 43,000 people at London’s York Hall, Ryder is truly going from strength to strength and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

With lyrics such as:

If butterflies can use their wings to turn wind into a hurricane,

You and I can break these chains,

And take the day to start a tiny riot!

Ryder’s ‘Tiny Riot’ can become the anthem of our time, the power we have is in our own hands we just need to realise how to use it. If you’re down and need motivation, I would highly recommend giving this track a listen and allowing yourself to become inspired.

Tiny Riot is no doubt just one of the many fantastic milestones we’ll see Ryder complete this year, the song is powerful, moving and unlike anything we’re seeing from many male artists in the industry today. So keep your eyes peeled, because I guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more from Sam Ryder in 2021.

Check out Sam’s live acoustic performance of Tiny Riot below!

Words: James Bickerstaff

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