Sam Ryder – Whirlwind

Sam Ryder has recently released the long anticipated single entitled, ‘Whirlwind’. This is Ryder’s first original single to debut and it did not disappoint, accumulating over one million streams on Spotify in the past week alone. 

The songwriter had gathered his following starting last march, during the first lockdown performing covers on the social media platform TikTok. He quickly became popular, catching the attention of huge artists such as Justin Bieber, Sia and Elton John, and had topped off 2020 with being named the biggest UK artist of the year on Tik tok. This single being his second, the first being a cover of N-Trance’s ‘Set you Free’ has amassed over two and a half million streams across spotify. 

His uplifting spirit that is portrayed within his social platform comes across in this new piece ‘Whirlwind’. His composition of a melodious acoustic guitar, sweet piano riffs, percussion and heady backing vocals create an aura that is fitting for his introspective lyricism. The message that can be related to and by almost everyone, is that things that happen to you are not in your control and that it may be hard to break free from these constraints, creating a sense of peacefulness in Ryder’s work that resonates throughout . 

This message is something we all know the world needs, his work touching the hearts of many. As this is his first and only single, we can look forward to Sam Ryder’s many more inevitable upcoming releases after a very promising start to his career. You can listen to the official music video for ‘Whirlwind’ below…

Words: Olly Stubbs

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