Sinéad Harnett – Last Love

With the Government’s announcement of the roadmap to freedom (and the somewhat nice British weather), it seems like the country is ready to embrace Summer’s late nights, BBQs and parties. One artist ready for the sun is Sinéad Harnett, with her latest drop ‘Last Love’, making for the perfect, roof-down, forget your ex, radio-blasting anthem. Premiered on 24th February, ‘Last Love’ is the debut single from her second studio album ‘Ready is always too late’. 

Born in Finchley, North-London, Harnett attended Arts University College in Bournemouth to study acting throughout her late- teens. It wasn’t until 2012, when rapper Wiley sent an open invite for features on his single ‘Walk Away’, that Harnett began professionally recording music, leading her to work with artists such as: Disclosure, MNEK and Rudimental. Now, with four EP’s and more than 15 singles, the 30- year- old has worked her way to Radio 1 XTRA Twitter’s ‘freshest bangers of the week’ and over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

In this dreamy lo-fi hip-hop / house mashup, Harnett’s buttery, soulful vocals glide through the single through lyrics that reminisce on how, deep down, a previous lover still plagues her thoughts. Throughout the chorus’ vibey beatdrop, you can’t help but bop along to the 90s inspired rhythm, sprinkled with a hint of late 10s backing vocal.

The song’s accompanying video is culturally abstract, featuring talking Barbie dolls, disjointed cartoon scribblings and a running race (which is later shown in reverse, harkening back to the brilliance of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ video). Harnett also appears to embrace her Asian heritage (from her Thai mother) singing along to the song whilst wrapped in red silk with two other women. Although the imagery of this shot was nothing short of beautiful, the randomness of the video is still very apparent. Moreover, ‘Last Love’ is a party song worthy of a summer sun, party video, and we can’t help but begin to look forward to showing this song to friends on summer drives. Look forward to better days, and get ready to embrace the sun, with the new single ‘Last Love’. The official music video is available below….

Words: Simone Harrison

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