Sonder, Jorja Smith – Nobody But You

Sonder, the L.A based R&B trio, have recently collaborated with British soul singer Jorja Smith on their new single ‘Nobody But You’.

The group, comprising producers Atu and Dpat, as well as singer Brent Faiyaz, have been releasing funk since 2016, releasing several singles and EP ‘Into’, in 2017. ‘Nobody But You’ is the group’s most recent release since their 2019 single, ‘What You Heard’.

Jorja Smith, in the meantime, has remained active in her musical pursuits, releasing a constant flow of singles, remixes and features since her debut in 2016. The singer-songwriter’s first studio album, ‘Lost and Found’ peaked in the UK charts upon its release in 2018.

The single kicks off with Smith’s forlorn vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar which sets the tone for the R&B slow-jam. ‘Nobody But You’ takes the format of a dialogue between two lovers, a failsafe pop classic. The track plays out the scenario of an apology as a result of failures that occur in relationships. Smith confesses, “I’ve heard it all our conversations got me feeling I’m the fool”. As Faiyaz replies with a sentiment of vulnerable honesty, “Swore I’d be this or that, I’d catch you fall I guess I couldn’t handle it, no”.

However hard Faiyaz tries to persuade Smith that their relationship can be salvaged by sweet talking, “I wish I had the time to run to you, not ruin your life…I wanna make things right”, the couple don’t seem to be on the same page as Smith confides, “I wonder is the only peace we’ll find Gonna be when you tell me goodbye”. The disconnection makes for some interesting tension, while the production is kept scant, it’s ramped up to intensify the conflict even further.

Words: Diane Burke 

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