Strawberry Guy – Sun Outside My Window

The Welsh born Liverpool dweller Alex Stephens, known as Strawberry guy is back and ready to share the fruits of his labour with a freshly picked single to mark his debut album, ‘Sun Outside My Window’, due to be released on the 29th of October.

Known for his tender and romantic yet uplifting melodies, Strawberry Guy captures the feeling of yet another impressionist painting by Monet, ‘Landscape on the Isle of Saint Martin’ 1888, which features as the cover picture for the title track of the album.

The track is introduced by a dreamy yet bright arrangement of soft piano set against a beautifully painted soundscape of breathy vocals, reminiscent of a fairy tale, a magical landscape from a Studio Ghibli movie or a video game.

While through the lyrics, Alex compares the stages of a romantic relationship to how a bright and sunny day makes one feel. The listener is told of the relationship between the protagonist and their partner and how as each consolidate their feeling for one another they feel the warm feeling we get when we love someone and that allows them to be who they are and to be free;

I can sense a shift coming from you
I guess I know you now
Was it ever true?
But I see you
You’re looking at me
And I feel so free
And there’s sun outside my window, he sings

The ‘Sun Outside My Window’, like so many of his other tracks continues to imitate nature’s effect through emotion, comforting the listener and making them feel as though the sun is really shining bright outside their window or perhaps transporting them to that exact meadow on the Isle of Saint Martin, with its lush foliage, warm sun and serene atmosphere.

Listen to ‘Sun Outside my Window’ down below:

Words: Patryk Bialkowski

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