Summer Salt – Monday’s Fácil

The first single ‘Monday’s Fácil’ from the newly announced LP ‘Sequoia Moon’ by Austin based trop-pop duo Summer Salt is finally out and radiates all-around breezy and carefree vibes.

Released April 30th, ‘Monday Fácil’ by singer/guitarist Matthew Terry and drummer Eugene Chung, was produced by Phil Ek and is part of their upcoming LP due to be released at the end of June via Cherry Lime Records.

The newest track is introduced by a string of bright drums coupled with soft vocals and laidback guitar, creating a sense of being on holiday, sipping a piña colada on the beach, while bathing in the sun and listening to the crashing waves of the ocean. Oh how we have missed you, Summer.

‘Monday Facil’ translates to ‘Easy Monday’ from Spanish, and as the name suggests, is all about trying really hard to stay present in the moment, and to appreciate each new day and week. Starting with a Monday, this track will make you worry-free after the first listen…

Morning, caught one hour of sleep

Sun shade brings me down to my knees

Well, I’ve nowhere to be

Was let go, now I’m free

It’s ‘bout time, Terry sings in the opening line.

In a statement Terry says “I heard a song by Os Mutantes called ‘Panis Et Circenses,’ where I thought the words were ‘Monday Fácil.’ When I looked up the lyrics, this was not at all what they were saying, but still the lyric hit me and made me smile.

 “I decided then that I wanted to make my own tune called ‘Monday’s Fácil,’ or at least use that lyric somewhere. Euji and I just fell in love with the breezy vibe of the song that we definitely wanted to include it on the album. The older we get we’re trying really hard to stay in the moment and stay present”.

 Listen to ‘Monday Fácil’ down below:

Words: Patryk Bialkowski

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