Tay Iwar – Peaking

Tay Iwar won’t touch anything that lacks a ‘strong emotional pull’. It’s a driver for all the music that he makes. The new song from “Nigeria’s most reclusive musician”, Tay Iwar, is ‘Peaking’ – released on the 2nd of April, 2021…

Tay, born Austin Iornongu Iwar, hated it when his father forced him to take classic piano lessons at an early age. But by the time he was 13, and midway through high school, that sentiment had become the opposite; he had fallen deeply in love with the art, making music on his computer, and teaming up with his brothers—Sute and Terna Iwar—to co-found the Bantu Collective

If you haven’t heard of Iwar, it may be notable that his songs sound like they belong on a ‘chilled vibes’ Spotify playlist, and makes you think why on Earth you haven’t heard of the name Tay Iwar before… Speaking on his music and the influence of Nigerian and western culture, Tay says in a recent interview with ‘Okay Africa’ – “Nigerian music is the fusion of Western music with our sound and our afro-rhythms. That’s what Nigerian music is and has always been. Every song I do is like a sneak peek into my life. If I feel like I have represented that well and I’ve talked about myself or sang about myself properly then that’s the highest peak on an emotional level.”

Peaking is a slow, emotional song consisting of a piano and bass. It’s a quiet night in with your friends or partner, and definitely not in your face – its in the background at the right volume while you have one of those tipsy conversations. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Retrograde by James Blake – it has the same tempo and similar instruments, but sounds more relaxed and optimistic, rather than soul-wrenchingly devastating.

Check out the official audio for ‘Peaking’ by Tay Iwar below…

Words: James Sinclair

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