Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn- Tears On my Window

Rap and production duo from Brighton, Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn, have connected to produce a slow, methodical and emotionally captivating song, highlighting innovative production, smooth emotive bars and chilled percussion; – a single you want to play constantly on repeat.

The duo confesses they try to produce the ‘saddest songs’, which can’t be argued, as Frankie continues to rap cool and coherently about his struggles with social anxiety and insecurities surrounding his interactions with friends and family.

The beat perfectly matches the mood that the duo have set with their introspective lyricism, merging contemporary rap with a lo-fi chill sonic to form a sound that encourages its listeners to lay back and hear the abundance of hurt and confusion in its narrators voice. Eleni Drake also makes an appearance on the track, providing us with a powerful yet dreamy voice, further enhancing the mood of the piece by intoxicating her listeners with her calm and heady vocals.

It’s a song that leaves us wanting to be further immersed in the world where the writing was created. It’s a story of relatable rainy days and uncertainty, and ‘Tears on my window’ proves that it’s another solid entry into the rap duos eclectic discography, adding even more excitement to their upcoming album ‘Handle With Care’ which is due for release on 19th of March.

Words: Harry Hext

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