The Blossoms – Care For

Stockport travels back in time to the 70’s with Blossoms latest single ‘Care For’

Stockport travels back in time to the 70’s with Blossoms latest single ‘Care for’, an indie song channelling Abba’s classic sound. That is sure to make any reveller of the decade re-live their youth and the youth of today dream of the disco inspired nights and flared trousers.‘Care For’ is the first track we have been introduced to since the release of their third album ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ in 2020 and was also the first song written by Blossoms front man Tom Ogden after the third album release.

Throughout ‘Care For’ we see a shift in their sound, stepping away from their usual sound of indie pop and venturing to other genres. This was a bold choice for the band to take, however ‘Care For’ proves that stepping away from the conventional, will pay off immensely and make for a great track added to the already big biography of Blossom’s greatest hits.

Naturally, we have snippets of the classic indie pop sound we all know and love making an appearance, however we are introduced to a new element from Blossoms, in the form of a beautiful arrangement of strings featured throughout the track, continuing the heartfelt story of love portrayed through the affectionate lyrics. Consequently, proving it is not just the Bee Gee’s from Manchester who can produce a 70’s track and pull it off with the class and love it truly deserves.

Although the pandemic meant an unfortunate delay in their upcoming tour and constant rearranged festival dates, I think we can all reassure ourselves that the wait will have been worth it. Who knows if we would have been blessed with a track like ‘Care For’ if 2020 hadn’t played out the way it did. All we say is bring on the new era of Blossom’s music as we anticipate what the fourth record has to bring. 

Words: Ciara Sinnott

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