The Hunna – Bad Place

The Hunna are back with a fresh new sound. The Hertfordshire natives, who formed six years ago released their new single ‘Bad Place’ on April 23rd off their upcoming album, which is yet to be announced. Moving from their conventional indie rock roots, ‘Bad Place’ is notably different from their previous songs, but there is still a glimmer of reminiscence of their past…

‘Bad Place’ is a catchy single, despite the positive and upbeat production, the lyrics convey a deeper meaning. Referencing the damaging effects of addiction, the Hunna sing: “I know you’re vulnerable, you need attention, you’ve got a heart of gold with bad intentions”. The song progresses into the chorus – electric and infectious, “I’m in a bad place, looking for a good time. I try to feel good, but it doesn’t feel right” is sung with an extremely addictively.

The underlying meaning of this song is tragic, and the lyrics are somewhat laced with a sense of dread. There is a sense of both frustration and sadness when referring their loved one’s condition, “I hate seeing you lying there and I know this place too well,”. The band have created the ultimate dichotomy by conveying serious lyrics and meaning in a track oozing with early 2000’s-esque rock vibes.

Check out their official video of their latest single ‘Bad Place’ below…

Words: Shannon Milmine

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