The Vaccines – Back In Love City

‘The track is a light hearted shot of indie mania…’

Jump Off The Top is an electric new track from The Vaccines new album Back In Love City, which was released September 10th in unison with a new set of UK tour dates for 2022. In a conversation with NME, frontman Justin Young said: 

Playing live is the lifeblood of this band…It’s where our music comes to life and where we get to connect with all the people that make what we do possible.

The track is a light hearted shot of indie mania. Built around fuzzy, fast-paced chord progressions, robotic nuances in the drumming pattern and a call and response based chorus, the track has already been noted by the band for its excellent reactions when performed live. It’s tenacious in its energy and the repetition of the chorus: ‘Let’s jump off the top, Let’s jump off the top, I feel like a rock, a rock, a rock, So let’s jump off the top’ leaves the track imprinted in the listeners psyche. 

Speaking about the track, frontman Justin Young said: 

I think the most popular Vaccines songs do have this kind of tempo to them. They’re quite frenetic. They’re obviously upbeat and fun and a little dumb, maybe. 
Releasing a live performance of the song to Youtube on 8th September 2021, fans enthusiasm can be seen in the crowd and in the comments, with users hailing it as the best song off Back In Love City. 

Words: Benedict Shirley

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