The Zangwills – Call

With festival season just within touching distance, it’s time to get those spotify playlists up to date with a zesty explosion of 80’s. Courtesy of Cheshire’s indie-rock band The Zangwills, ‘Call’ was released on 30th December 2020; this infectious banger gives flashbacks of gigs gone by – with snippets of wild crowds, spilt ‘Dark Fruits’ and sticky floors hurling through your mind. What can only be described as an ensemble of Vista’s brightness, Matt Healy’s vocals (doused in a thick veil of Northern accent), and early Arctic’s stark punk riff, ‘Call’ acts a paradigm of post- noughties indie-rock. 

After Jake Vickers (vocals), Ed Dowling (Bass) and Sam Davies (guitar) met at Sixth Form in Northwich, their immediate bond led the group to create music. Finalised by drummer, Adam Spence, in 2017, ‘The Zangwills’ were formed – named after a street near Spence’s sister’s near Greenwich. Their debut single ‘New Heights’ was released later the same year, with its avid reception only increasing to this day. Since then the band have gone on to release various singles and EP’s, with their avant-garde titles such as ‘Spielburg Sweethearts’ and ‘The Horrors of Soberity’, reviving the creativity of early Wombats material.  The band have even supported the likes of The Charlatans, and 2020’s answer to punk- rock, Yungblood. 

The single’s accompanying video strengthens the strong 80s theme in the tune, with QVC lettering plastered over a grainy, vintage video. A scrapbook of clips shows the band fooling around, lip- syncing and having fun whilst sporting various memorabilia from the era: from a lemon rotary phone to tangy button ups and vibrant yellow turtlenecks. Regardless of its low budget and tech, the video supports the band’s pungent punk sound – with its hard-kicking drum beat and electric synth making for a perfect head bopper. 

This fresh, zesty banger which will no doubt dominate this year’s festival season, with the band’s success only to grow as gigs begin again. So, brush up your playlists and get ready for the year of The Zangwills. 

Words: Simone Harrison

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