Two Feet – Max Maco is Dead Right?

Max Maco Is Dead Right? (1-4), the Title of the new EP by artist Bill Des, more commonly known as ‘Two Feet’, is a sneak peak into his April releasing album by the same name set to drop on April 16th.. It delivers the exact vibes one would expect from his previous work, which sounds like a bad thing; but isn’t.

The EP is a wonderful example of simply complex music. You could label the songs somewhat “chill”, but it doesn’t do it justice. Des’ impeccable understanding of relaxing hip-hop, haunting guitar riffs and catchy trap beats makes this EP perfect for anyone’s night-time driving playlist.

Consistent themes of low self-worth and unhappiness are clear throughout Des’ work. Notably on this EP, the deceptively poppy song; ‘Never Enough’. It puts you in a strange position where you can’t help but move and dance as if it were any other Top 40 song – a dichotomy between the underlying themes of the album.

The second song on the EP, ‘Think I’m Crazy’, has a similar musical hook to Grimes’ 2015 song Kill V. Maim. A constant lurking plucking from Des’ electric guitar accompanied by regular growling bass stops this song from feeling upbeat, allowing for the relatively monotone vocals to appear more tired than lacking substance. Along with the lyric that Des feels “f****** lazy” really solidifies again the themes of low self-worth that are a staple of his lyrical content.

Fire, the third song on the EP, gives us another slow opening, plucked guitar riff. This somewhat disappointed me at first, given the similarities to the previous song. However, the full kick of the record shows how different ‘Fire’ really is to its siblings on the EP. ‘Fire’ stands out as a wonderful, slow, alt-rock tune, and one of our favourites on the EP.

‘Time Fades away’ – the last song on the EP, feels the most similar to Des’ more popular work. A catchy trap beat that gives an uneasy, yet enjoyable rhythm. Des’ longing vocals and lyrics make this a song that is full of emotion, ending with a 50-second-long bluesy guitar solo. This excerpt sounds incredible, reminiscent of something you would hear on ‘Slash’’s mid-career work – making the song feel on its own, due to its placement.

You can listen to the last track on ‘Max Maco is Dead Right?’ below, make sure you check out the rest of the EP, and consider adding Two Feet to your party playlist…

Words: James Sinclair

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