Tyreezy -Talking To

Come Through rapper Tyreezy showcases his velvet vocals on the characteristic track, Talking To which dropped 14thJanuary 2022.

The track brings a Latin energy to the Manchester artist’s sound, with Spanish guitar and muted trumpets introducing a piano-led rhythm. Lyrically centred on relationships, trust and ultimately heartache, Talking To asks: “Am I the only one you been talking to? I think I’m falling and I don’t wanna give it all unless you show me some love.”

Having smashed the past few years with drops including Come Through, Separate Rooms and a feature on Aitch’s Already, Tyreezy is setting up for a big 2022, coming straight out of the gate with the more pop-led Talking To.

Talking To is a perfect fusion of Latin, urban and pop influences, delivering a track that nods to the unique, irreplicable sounds of South America.

Tyreezy – the Henny Boi – spent much of his time pre-pandemic touring with Geko and signed a short-term deal with Universal, releasing On My Way. With Covid-19 putting a stop to live music, Ty hit the studios to build his tracklist with new label Marylebone Records.

Tyreezy is part of the growing wave of UK urban artists putting 0161 on the map.

Talking To is out now on all major platforms on 14th January 2022.

Words: Harry Roberts

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