A look back on some of Daft Punk’s wildest music videos.

A music video with a guy in a microwaved dog costume wandering through New York City with a boombox, “Da Funk” was the world’s first introduction to who we know as Daft Punk. Directed by Spike Jonze’s, the video was influenced by listening to Warren G’s “Regulate”.

Daft Punk tell the misadventures of a dog that’s been through a lot with a melancholic, punk soundtrack accompanied with hard hitting lyrics The video established the chemistry that would establish the foundations of their entire career.

Something about us – featured on their infamous Discovery album, created in collaboration with some of the worlds best anime directors. Each music video from the Discovery project is clipped from the film Interstella 5555.

“Something About Us” highlights one of the most memorable scenes. The film sees a blue-skinned alien pilot named Shep, who is mortally wounded while on a mission to save a music group called the Crescendolls, who have been brought to Earth and brainwashed to perform for us. Stella, the band’s leader, is constrained by psychic powers, unable to remember who she is until she takes Shep’s hand, triggering a dream sequence of flying dandelions and trippy visuals. 

Daft. Punk recognised that anime and dance music were perfect for each other, and that both mediums encouraged imagination and freedom. 

The prime time of your life – Human After All is a little less popular, swapping anime and romanticism for a machine-ruled, Artaud-like dystopia. For the “The Prime Time of Your Life” video, the duo enlisted Tony Gardener—a makeup artist and special effects veteran whose work includes Army of Darkness, Seed of Chucky and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, in a disturbing an unnerving video. 

The clip sees a young girl haunted in a world of skeletons. She watches fleshless weathermen give the forecast and recalls trips to the beach with her skeleton family. Rather than wait to decay, she decides to flay herself in the bathroom, revealing her underlying pink muscles. It is a dark twist on the song’s cry for urgency, and Daft Punk portray this in a sound that isn’t too pleasant…

In 2013, Daft Punk and Pharell Williams took the world by storm with “Get Lucky”. The disco comeback was first teased at Coachella, with visuals of the robots sporting their trademark sequin suits. “Get Lucky” peaked at No. 2, and by the end of the year, the record went viral. The visuals also show all four surrounded by disco balls, swaying palm trees, silhouetted against a blazing sunset, and even up on a platform in space. 

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